Today, I’m casting the business spotlight on the owner of JNoS Public Relations, Jennifer Simpson, who is going to tell us about how she helps doctors build their business through branding.

Tell us, Jennifer, what is branding?

Branding is a personal message that is tied to your personal attributes; it’s the authentic message that you give to the world.

How do you help doctors build their business through branding?

Doctors spend a lot of time in the office, but before that, they spend a lot of time in their educational pursuit. We like to help them find stories within that journey. Most doctors were never taught how to build their business outside of medical school.

Social media is so new to our generation. Prior to attending medical school, they never dreamed of having to know about using such a platform. Using branding and my experience in public relations, I help them identify a message or a tone that they want to convey on their social media platforms, combined with nice, crisp imagery.

How have you helped doctors implement branding in their business?

Oftentimes, as consumers and as patients, we don’t get to talk to our doctors outside of the office, so with social media, they can be present and available. Through it, they’re able to engage with patients and regular people who may have questions about health or other things. It makes them reachable.

“Social media makes doctors reachable outside of the office.”

You’re working with Dr. KaNisha Hall, an anesthesiologist; what have you been working on together?

Dr. KaNisha Hall is not only an anesthesiologist, but an author, sexual health expert, and entrepreneur. Her alma mater, Howard University, recently had a homecoming event, and I was able to help her manage the full schedule of a book tour, a few honorary award ceremonies, and a few class sessions where she went back to speak to students. When you have these types of occasions, it’s good to be able to convey this to the media so that they know what’s going on with you. This way, when people Google her, they can find more stories about her personal life, rather than just medical news.

How would you advise me to brand myself if I were a doctor?

I would take some time to get to know you and help you uncover potential that you may not even know you have. Through that, we would develop a few objectives and create a press-kit based around those objectives that you’d be able to offer outside of the operating room. There are speaking opportunities and other professional presentations that I can help you navigate. I can help with authoring, publishing, and marketing books as well. In the end, I can take the guesswork out of the branding process.

If a doctor wants to get in contact with you so you can help them brand their business, publish a book, or manage their speaking engagements, how would they do that?

I’m reachable through social media with the name @JNOSPR, and my website can be found at

I would like to thank Jennifer for joining us today. If you have any questions about real estate, feel free to reach out to Buying Selling Houston. We’d be glad to answer any of your questions or offer help as we can.