It has been months since Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Houston. However, while the storm may be over, its impact has remained.I am a local realtor in the Houston and surrounding counties. Due to my career I’ve been all over the city promoting its beauty and benefits, so seeing the devastation was heartbreaking. The city has experienced storms and flooding in the past, but we have never witnessed anything like this before. Harvey is one of the worst hurricanes in recorded history.

“The storm is over, but the crisis is not.”

I wanted to know that my donated funds would go directly to the families that so desperately need them, so I set up a GoFundMe for others who feel the same way. Many of my neighbors lost everything they own from pets to vehicles, homes, and even lives. You can donate here.

I also attended an event called A Heart 4 Houston where NFL players and celebrities came together to give back to the community. I spoke with volunteers, nonprofit organizers, and a Harvey victim whose story is just one of many in our city. To check out the highlights from the event click here.

Many homeowners and renters did not have flood insurance because it is not required in most parts of Houston since we normally do not flood this horribly.

Many areas that were under water have never flooded in my lifetime. I am raising money for my community. I am asking for donations in any amount. These funds will go directly to the hurricane victims, and I will have video and pictures online of our efforts so any donor can keep track of how their funds are used.

You may email me or give me a call for more information. Feel free to keep up on with me on facebook as I share pictures and stories of families putting their lives back together piece by piece. Thank you for your contribution.